Winterizing Your Boat

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Winter is less than three weeks away and you will want your boat to be ready to take on the extreme weather than tend to accompany the season. We, here at American Self Storage, have boat storage facilities available and want to provide you with advice for boat maintenance. These tips are here to help you get your boat ready for the Winter, so it remains in it’s best shape!


Outboard Engines

  • Flush out your engine with water using flush muffs

  • Wash your engine

  • Disconnect the fuel hose and keep the engine running until it stops

  • Lubricate the pistons and cylinder walls with fogging oil


Inboard Engines

  • Warm up the engine while running it and change the engine while it is warm

  • Change the oil filters and flush the engine with fresh water

  • Circulate antifreeze through the engine until water starts to flush out of the exhaust

  • Remove spark plugs and use fogging oil within the cylinders



  • Change your fuel filter and water separators

  • Fill up your fuel tank


Stern Drives

  • Remove all plant life, barnacles, etc. that may have attached itself

  • Drain everything out and seal anything that may have cracks or holes

  • Grease your fittings and check your fluid levels



  • Not necessary during the winter, but may be helpful

  • Keep batteries on deck for burglar protection systems

  • Batteries kept on board should be filled with distilled water and fully charged, as to avoid freezing

  • Coat terminals with petroleum jelly to avoid rusting

  • If your boat does not need batteries, take them home for 30 to 60 days and store them in a cool, dry environment



  • It is recommend that you cover your boat to avoid and natural damage from dirt, leaves, rusting, etc.

  • Use a frame during the winter to balance out any potential snow or water that may build up on the boat