Tips to Using a Rental Storage Unit

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Have you ever considered renting a self-storage unit, but weren’t sure how to use it properly? You will want to maintain the quality of your stored goods, and we can help you do that! Here are a few tips that will help you properly store and maintain your items.

  1. Pallets!

You will certainly want to protect your belongings while they are in storage, especially those that are particularly valuable. The best way to do this is by purchasing pallets to link the bottom of your storage unit. This will keep your things from touching the ground or getting ruined by things like dust.

  1. Wrap Your Items

You will want to wrap your items with industrial plastic wrap prior to putting them in storage. The reason for this is to protect the quality of your items. This will prevent bugs and dust from getting in.

  1. Use A Small Lock

While we do not anticipate anything to happen to your storage unit, it does not hurt to be extra cautious. Investing in an industrial lock will help secure your storage unit even more. Opt for a small lock; this will make it difficult to cut off.

  1. Label!

Generally, when items are put in self-storage units, they are there for the long haul. Make sure to label your items accordingly when packing them up. This will make it much easier for you to locate what you need whenever you decide to return.

  1. Protect Your Unit

Lastly, you will want to protect not just your things, but the storage unit itself. Fines may be imposed for any damage that was caused during your rental period. You can avoid that by taking precautionary measures, like lining the walls with plastic, or cushioning the space around your items, as to not scratch up the interior.

  1. Make the Most of Your Space!

Your storage unit can hold more than you think. Use your entire unit but stacking items on top of each other and and squeezing smaller items into crevices. Plywood is a resource that can be laid out over items to create stable layers for you items to rest on.