Storing Bulk Crafting Supplies

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craftsuppliesFor individuals that are really into crafting or teachers that need large quantities of craft materials for all of their students, it is often more economical to purchase the craft supplies in bulk when they are on sale and keep them until they are needed. However, this leads to the problem of finding enough storage space in the home or school to keep all of the bulk supplies readily available yet not in the way of other daily activities. A cluttered craft room or school art room is not conducive to creativity. Renting a small self storage unit for the excess supplies is the perfect solution.

These self storage units can be as small as a five foot square floor area which is like having an extra closet just for the excess craft supplies. In fact, the self storage unit can even be arranged in a similar manner to the main storage area in the home or classroom by grouping the supplies by type and keeping them in labeled bins that are stored on inexpensive bookcase shelving in the storage unit. This will keep the supplies from getting dusty while they are not needed and make it a breeze to retrieve something that is needed in the home or classroom.

This self storage unit size is also very inexpensive so it will not make much impact on the budget that is allotted for crafting. Besides, the small monthly rental fee is well worth ending the aggravation of putting back the avalanche of craft supplies that go everywhere when something is retrieved from the overstuffed craft closet or space in the home or classroom. By storing the excess craft supplies in the self storage unit, it is easier to keep the crafting area or classroom uncluttered and have plenty of room to work on the current project.

Although some people may think that having the supplies stored away from the home or school would be an inconvenience because it is not where they need it, the opposite is true. Besides the fact that these are excess supplies that are not usually needed right away, the Self storage rental facilities can usually be found conveniently located within minutes of the home or school. In addition, many of them open very early in the morning and stay open late in the evening. This makes it easy to quickly retrieve a particular craft supply on the way to or from home or the school to replenish the supplies that were used.