Putting Musical Instruments in Self Storage Units

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musical instrumentSome people might not think that storing any type of musical instrument in a self storage unit would be a good idea because of their susceptibility to damage from temperature changes and moisture in the air. However, if it is done correctly, the musical instrument will still be in the same condition when it is removed from the self storage unit as it was when it was placed into the unit.

Whether it is a temporary situation like placing valuables and musical instruments in a storage unit while out of town, or a more permanent circumstance like a family storing the musical instruments of a member that has passed away, the storage unit that is rented should be one where the climate is controlled so that the musical instrument is protected from being damaged by being too hot, too cold, or too damp. The climate controlled self storage units will cost a little more than regular units of comparable size, but it is important that the musical instruments are protected or they will be useless and worthless when they are brought out of storage.

Depending on the type of musical instrument, there are certain things that should be done in order to prepare it for the time in storage. For example, string instruments should have the strings loosened to relieve the tension and drumheads should also be relieved of their tension. Of course, like everything else that goes into a storage unit, the musical instruments should be properly cleaned and dried. This is especially important for the reed and mouthpiece of a wind instrument so that mold or mildew does not develop from residual moisture. As an added measure against damage due to dampness, small desiccant packets can be placed with the musical instrument.

Another part of storing them that depends on the type of musical instrument is how it is packed for storage. Many instruments have specially made carrying cases with separate compartments for the various parts. Obviously, this is the best choice because the separate compartments are form fitted to the pieces and give them the maximum protection from damage due to impact. If there is no case for the musical instrument that is being put in storage it is advisable to contact a store that sells musical instruments and ask them for the best way to protect it during the move and the time that it is in the self storage unit.