6 Useful Kitchen Storage Solutions

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The kitchen is debatably one of the most functional rooms in your home, but also one with the greatest number of items. Learning how to properly store those items will allow you more space for cooking and overall accessibility. 

Here are 6 simple storage steps for your home kitchen:

1)Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

Your cabinets hold everything from plates to kitchen appliances and sometimes the volume of items can become overwhelming.  Instead of digging through your cabinets, consider investing in these items:

-Cabinet Turntables: these allow for easy item retrieval without having to remove other items. Simply spin it around and find what you are looking for!

-Under Shelf Baskets: make use of that empty space between your shelves and install baskets to store items like towels or cookbooks.

2)Food Storage Solutions

Make the most of the space in your refrigerator by using food storage containers. Don’t let excessive packaging take up most of the space. For example: cut up vegetables and store them in containers so they’re organized and ready to eat!

3)Kitchen Drawer and Junk Drawer Solutions

Drawer dividers are the greatest way to store your kitchen tools. They can be used in shallow or deep drawers, which allows for some versatility. Instead of scrambling through your drawer looking for a ladle, compartmentalize them with this simply solution!

4)Kitchen Pantry Solutions

Organize your dry food! Don’t spend time taking things down just to get the snack you’re craving; organize your food into sections and install roll-out drawers. This way you can easily locate and access your items.

5)Pots and Pans Storage

Pots and pans are some of the most difficult items to store in the home because of their various shapes and sizes. While storing them according to size is an easy solution, pot storage racks are recommended. Storage racks allow you to hang your pots and pans, providing you with more cabinet space

6)Spice Storage Solutions

What’s a dish without some spices? Nobody like to spend their valuable cooking time searching for spices, which is why a spice rack is the perfect solution for storing and organizing those cooking essentials. You will be able to locate the spice you want and place it back in it’s place without having to remove everything else.