Properly Storing Kitchen Utensils

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PackingKitchenUtensilsWhen an individual or family has to put all of their possessions into a storage unit, one of the more difficult types of things to pack into boxes are the kitchen utensils. This group of items includes both the serving utensils and those that are used when eating. Even if the utensils are only going to be in a self storage unit for a short amount of time, they should be packed in a way that keeps them safe from damage and ensures the safety of the people handling them.

Before any of these items go into a packing box, they need to be thoroughly cleaned and dried so that mold, mildew, and vermin are not a problem in the storage unit. Stacking the eating utensils neatly in a divided tray will give them some protection. The excess space around the utensils should be filled to keep them in place. This can easily be done by putting a clean towel over the tray and gently tucking it down into the open areas around the utensils. Finally, sliding the entire tray into a sturdy plastic bag with a zipper will ensure that the utensils stay in place when the tray is put into a cardboard box.

Sharp knives can cause injuries or damage to other utensils and the box if they are not packed properly. After they are thoroughly cleaned and dried, it is advisable to place the blade of each knife into a properly sized cardboard sleeve and make sure that the tip of the knife is well inside the cardboard sleeve. The sleeves can be made by carefully folding a piece of thin cardboard over the blade to properly size it and holding it together with sturdy tape. After the sharp knives are all in sleeves, they can be placed in the utensil tray or a separate small box to keep them together in the storage box.

The larger serving utensils can be packed in a similar manner as the eating utensils. All sharp or pointy parts should be sleeved or in some other way kept from causing injury to people or damage to other items. An option for keeping utensils together in the storage box is to use a towel to roll several of them together. To do this, place one utensil on the towel and roll it until it is covered. Then, place another one in the same towel and roll until it is covered. This process can continue until there is not enough of the towel left to cover another utensil.

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