Using Self Storage for Toys

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child playing with toysOur home never had much storage space and as our family grew it became very difficult to find a place for everything that we had for our kids. From the beginning, we knew that there was no sense in selling or giving away things, such as toddler toys when they were outgrown, because we were planning to have more children that would be using those toys when they were at the right age. Aside from the age appropriate toys, we also had the problem of seasonal outdoor toys accumulating. The seasons in our area are very distinct and do not fluctuate like the seasons in some areas of the country that might have both warm and cold days in the same week.

When we first looked into storing the toys off of our own property, we were not sure how well it was going to work. One thing we were concerned about was how accessible our things would be. We did not want to be extremely restricted as to what days and times we could take something out or return it to the storage unit. We had also heard that some storage facilities actually charged a fee each time that the person needed to access their own belongings. Of course, along with our own accessibility, we were also concerned as to how accessible our things might be to other people, including the staff of the facility. 

We visited some local facilities and found out that our concerns would not be an issue. They all had extensive hours and did not charge any fees for access. Each of them also had a great security system in place that only allowed employees and storage unit renters to access anything besides the office. In addition, we would be the only ones that would actually be able to open our self storage unit because it would be locked with our own padlock.

Moving the excess toys to the storage unit was quick and easy. The storage facility that we chose had moving vehicles on the premises that could be rented at a discount for their storage customers. We loaded everything up, drove to the storage facility, unloaded everything into our unit, and dropped the moving vehicle off near the facility office. When we make our regular trips to the storage unit in spring and autumn, the kids are excited to see their seasonal outdoor toys.