Self Storage: Reasons Why

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Tips1. Wipe down metal objects and tools with a little oil before storing to avoid rust formation.
2. Maintaining a steady environment prevents warping, rust, yellowing, mold, and infestation of vermin.

* Short term business storage:
        During remodeling, redecorating, or downsizing your business
        When relocating your business
        Storing seasonal furnishings (patio furniture, grills, outdoor kiosks, etc.)
        Storing excess inventory before the start of the holiday season

*The following is a list of items commonly stored in climate-controlled storage, along with the fact that a frequently visited storage unit will be more comfortable if it has a controlled climate.


         Home Goods
         Food stuffs
         Televisions & stereos Equipment
         Computers & computer parts
         Video equipment
         Audio equipment
         Tools & machines
         Restaurant equipment
         Construction supplies
         Business Items
         Products & supplies
         Pharmaceutical samples & medical supplies
         Archival documents, tax files, & other paperwork
         Seasonal inventory

3. Avoid sealing anything in plastic – trapped moisture can cause mold, mildew and rot.
4. Sunlight can cause fading and attract insects.
5. Chemical desiccants (such as the inedible packets found in food or prescription items) can be used to absorb moisture and prevent mold growth
6. Ventilation is important when preserving natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk and linen, as well as suede and leather
7. Cedar blocks, mothballs, etc.
8. wallpaper or adhesive liner paper, as the glue can attract pests. Glued boxes can present the same problem
9. offer offsite records management as an added service." American Self Storage in Redding can organize your businesses records, bar code them by the box and even offers secure delivery and pick up of these files or documents.)
10. Business or Records Storage: safely store your business inventory or files for a growing business.
11. Heading off to college, moving into a new house, or even just cleaning out your garage
12. Do not place boxes directly on concrete floors, but use pallets or skids to prevent moisture absorption
13. How self storage can benefit your business:

         -Avoid the cost of leasing larger office space - Store excess items
         -Create an office extension
         -Store inventory and manage goods
         -Securely store business files, records or archives
         -Store items when downsizing office space
         -Create a mini-warehouse
         -Store extra equipment, tools and office supplies
         -Store work vehicles
         -Our month to month leasing means there are no long-term commitments
         -Our units range from 25 sq. ft to over 300 sq. ft so you can adjust your storage requirements -anytime there are changes within your business
         -Self storage makes it easy to increase or decrease the size of your business
         -Easy access to shipping and receiving (many of our locations are FedEx & UPS authorized shipping outlets; plus many of our locations will deliver items    right to your unit at no additional charge)

There are hundreds of reasons why people opt for self-storage for personal use, the most common of which include:
         1. To simply free up space in your home.
         2. As a store for all or part of your personal possessions while you move house or are between houses.
         3.When moving from a large home to a smaller one.
         4. To keep personal clutter out of your home while you are trying to sell it.
         5. To help with space as a family expands.
         6. To keep valuable and personal items secure while taking an extended holiday if you're renting out your home whilst away.
         7. To keep collections and memorabilia in one place.
         8. To store seasonal items such as garden furniture or tools if you don't have a dry place or space to keep them at home.
         9. To store clothes on a seasonal basis - i.e. your winter wardrobe is in storage in summer and changed for your summer wardrobe in winter.
         10. As a storage space for recreational vehicles when not in use - these can include boats, motor homes, caravans, motorcycles and cars.
         11. For students to store their personal possessions during holiday periods when they have to move off campus. Students also take up self-storage units after graduation before they decide where they will ultimately move.

As temporary storage for personal items whilst decorating.

To store sports equipment and bulky leisure items such as surfboards or windsurfers, either on a seasonal or permanent basis