How to Store Clothing Long Term

Written by  Alison O'Brien




Storing clothing in a storage unit can raise some concerns.  Will my clothing still be in good condition at the end of storage? How do I guarantee that my more expensive items won’t wear or fade? These questions are common, but they have simple and effective solutions. Here are a couple of tips for storing clothing long term.

  • Wash your clothing prior to storing it.  Cleaning the clothing helps to reduce pests and other bugs that could intrude.
  • Choose a proper container.  For optimal care, place clothing in a garbage bag to repel moisture, and then in a suitcase or other container that can be sealed away from the elements.
  • Worried that your clothes will smell like a storage facility? Add a couple of dryer sheets between layers to keep them smelling fresh. Acid-free paper can also help with protection.
  • Sort your clothes in categories accordingly.  One suitcase for jackets, one for pants, one for shirts, etc.  This guarantees easy unpacking at the end of storage.

If you follow all these tips, your clothes will be perfectly safe in any storage unit. Happy storing!