Self Storage and Moving Infographic

Written by  Storage Experts

self storage phoenix infographic

Everyone knows that very specific mix of feelings that accompany the angst of moving. A mix of dread, excitement, sadness, and happiness all wrapped in one full moving truck. You know the feeling. It paints the faces of many as you drive by the once vacant houses and see the family of four transforming an empty house into their home.

If you are similar to me, you regularly drive by various people moving into or out of houses and think to yourself what is their story? Where are they moving? Why are they moving? To ease your curiostiy let me fill you in on a few moving statistics that will help you put a story to the faces...

Approximately 37.5 million Americans move per year, that is 3,125,000 Americans a month, which is over 100,000 a day! No wonder there are so many moving trucks in the world. 14.7% are moving from the west coast, 8.3% from the east coast, 11.8% from up north and 13.6% from the south. Of these families 70% are moving within the US, 20% are moving to a different county within the same state and 10% are moving to a differnt state. 43.7% move because of housing reasons, 30.3% because of family, 16.4% for a job, and 9.5% for unspecified reasons. 

I hope all of this statistical information helped curb your curiousity and gave you a story to put to the many moving faces! All of this information was found by the U.S. census and changing every year.