How To Protect Your Belongings From the Heat

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High Temperature

Given the recent temperature spike in areas around The Valley of the Sun including Phoenix and Laveen, we'd like to take this opportunity to remind customers about how important climate controlled storage is for your precious furniture.

High temperatures days can inflict permanent damage on valuables stored in non-temperature-controlled storage units. The extreme heat warps the wood on your wooden furniture and causes the electrical equipment to malfunction.

If you keep the following items in storage and it isn't temperature controlled, it wouldn't be a bad idea to check in on your items and possibly switch to a temperature-controlled unit.

What does having a temperature-controlled storage unit mean?

A typical unit that has this option generally keeps the temperature below 90 degrees during the summer and above 40 degrees during the winter season. These units can also control the amount of humidity that is present for your specific unit. This option makes storing sensitive items easier and safer.

We don't recommend always opting for temperature controlled units because every customer's need is different. If you are only storing your items during the Spring or Fall before temperatures get extreme, you might want to just choose a regular unit. This option also depends on where you are located. If you are located in a city like Santa Maria in California or Sparks in Nevada, you might never need any temperature-controlled unit. However, if you live in Laveen where it gets over 100 degrees during the summer, it is best to protect your items by controlling the temperature for your unit.

No matter what option is right for you, American Self Storage is always here to help!